Our history

AMI & LO is above all the story of two best friends, Amida and Laura, we met on the school benches and since then we have never left … Ambitious, our personal and professional experiences have brought us very early, at 17, this desire to undertake, to create an activity linked to our state of mind: the development of well-being. A wish that we had rejected for a long time, for fear of not succeeding in wearing this hat of “business leader” but also of taking risks that could impact our personal lives.

We come from a difficult social background, where “having a good job” is essential to get by. We therefore made a point of honor to professional, financial and material stability before embarking on entrepreneurship. It was not until early 2019, after returning from a long stay in Thailand, that we finally had the click.


Indeed, we had met the manager of a hostel where we had stayed, the PINKY Bungalows Resort, and how can we tell you that this woman’s journey is inspiring and has particularly touched us.

She had told us the story of her life: her hostel.

A magnificent adventure strewn with pitfalls, doubts, fear and questions. Indeed, she was one of the first women in the Phuket region to own an establishment. At the time, being a woman “entrepreneur” was frowned upon. She had to face social and cultural pressure. But she had managed to overcome these obstacles.

”  It is all a question of will in life, I had confidence in myself and in my abilities, I knew that I could manage a hotel  “Like a man”. Self-confidence and perseverance were the keys to his success. Today his hotel has become one of the most visited establishments in Phuket. After this story, everything was clear to us, we also had to believe in ourselves, take up this challenge and try our adventure!


Our goal  : You help reach your potential  !

“Just be the best version of yourself”, this slogan is the message we want to convey to you … Whatever your identity, size, body type, etc. … Prioritize your well-being, your potential is present, sublimate there. What could be better than practicing a sports activity, it has helped us mentally and physically to achieve this goal. It’s no secret that sport is proving to be a miracle cure for many ailments of the body and mind.

AMI&LO is committed to providing you with essential sports clothing and accessories that will help you develop your full potential. You offer quality products is our priority …


Our community  :

AMI&LO is also a community which aims to represent mutual aid and feminine strength. We make it a point of honor to share with you the journeys of inspiring and motivating women.

You will find content on our various social networks, where you will have access to the opinions of the #teamamiandlo as well as the progress of our adventure!